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Who We Are:

As a commercial laundry equipment distributor since 1957, H-M Company often encountered drain problems at our customers’ laundry facilities. In 1992, H-M Company began manufacturing drain troughs to solve drainage issues for our customers. Shortly thereafter, word spread and we started shipping our drain troughs and lint interceptors to OPL and coin operated laundries throughout the US, Canada and beyond.

About Our Product:

After years of manufacturing and adapting our products, we’ve found the formula for the highest quality drain troughs and lint interceptors-the most reliable products in this category. H-M uses the strongest noncorrosive material, co-polymer polypropylene, a chemical resistant material suited for a lifetime of use. H-M drain troughs are built to support the weight of a service technician during machine repairs.

The Benefits of Drain Troughs

  • Increase drain capacity, eliminate the problem of slow drains and filter water before it enters drain sewage system to prevent any future problems.
  • Drain Troughs have a lint filter to catch lint and any coarse matter, helping to prevent pipe clogging. H-M Drain Troughs help washers work more efficiently and drain better.
  • Serve as Suds Zones allowing any suds can bubble without harm.
  • Reservoir, allowing water to drain at its own pace.
  • The lint filters prevent any solids from draining and clogging the main sewer lines.

H-M Drain Troughs are one of the quality improvements that H-M Company has successfully made for the Commercial Laundry Industry.

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H-M Company Commercial Laundry Equipment