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Industries Served 

A drain trough significantly reduces the strain on plumbing systems by filtering lint and other debris before they reach the drain. This equipment also serves as a holding tank that increases drainage capacity, reduces odors, contains excess suds and keeps water from splashing out. Learn more about the industries that can benefit most from drain troughs below.

Laundromats, Commercial Laundries and Coin Laundries

A commercial laundry drain trough is essential in all kinds of laundry facilities. A drain trough can reduce or eliminate many issues associated with high-demand, heavy-use operations. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of drain troughs for laundromats and other commercial laundry facilities:

  • Safe suds bubbling: Bubbling suds can deposit toxic residue on concrete trenches and could eventually cause damage. A trough acts as a suds repository that keeps most suds off of the concrete trench system. 
  • Drain water reservoir: Troughs prevent drainage water from filling the washing machines during operation. They can hold all the excess water until the main drain can accommodate it. The washers can continue to move through the operating cycles freely.
  • Excellent filtration: Lint is a constant presence in commercial washing applications. A laundromat drain trough can capture lint and other objects before they reach the main drain line. You’ll spend less time and effort on drain maintenance and have fewer mechanical and operational issues with your machines. You can also comply with local ordinances requiring drain line filters and increase the likelihood of passing plumbing inspections. It also reduces the possibility of pipes backing up or flooding the facility.
  • Prevents cycling delays: Drain troughs speed up the process of dumping excess drain water. They keep the water from backing up, enabling machines to cycle without lengthy delays. 

Multi-Housing Facilities and Apartment Buildings

Installing drain troughs for apartment buildings or multi-housing facilities can help prevent water and weather damage. Drain troughs also protect against flooding and concrete erosion when draining into a concrete trench. A drain trough can reduce the strain on the plumbing system by slowing the flow of water for apartment buildings with large laundry rooms or busy laundry days. Installing a drain trough can also limit plumbing contractor costs by reducing the need for additional drain lines if multiple washers are in the room.

Animal Shelters, Veterinary Clinics and Pet Resorts

Businesses that work with or house animals have unique and challenging drainage issues. Drain troughs for pet resorts, veterinary clinics and animal shelters are essential for keeping excess fur from going into the drain and clogging the drain lines.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can purchase a drain trough built into the floor or install a trough in a concrete slab. The trough can be placed behind the washers or out of the way if placed above ground. The drain trough is also strong enough to be walked on if maintenance or service technicians need to work behind the machines.

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A pet resort, animal shelter or veterinary drain trough has specific design considerations:

  • Size: The troughs are custom-made to meet any sizing requirements needed to fit behind the washer and accommodate the capacity and number of washers.
  • Channel: Choose a pre-sloped drain trough, as a flat channel may collect liquids rather than allow them to move quickly down the drain.
  • Layout: Place the animal shelter drain trough behind the kennel walls if possible and slope the drains in one direction to simplify cleaning and flushing.

Athletic Facilities

An athletic facility can include tennis courts, pools, fields and golf courses, among other areas. These spaces may contain laundry rooms that can use a drain trough system to eliminate the chance of erosion, standing water or clogged pipes. Interior applications may also require drain trough installation to prevent the buildup of lint, dirt or debris in the plumbing.

Consider both pre-sloped and non-sloped drain systems for dissipating and filtering water inside the athletic laundry rooms. As some sporting venues may also see a large number of guests or public visitors daily, a drain trough can help keep pipes from clogging or backing up due to a high volume of debris.

Correctional Facilities

Using a drain trough in a correctional facility can prevent clogged pipes, which can back up if too much debris builds up, leading to flooding and costly repairs. A correctional facility will benefit from drain troughs to help keep the space clean behind the washers.

Dry Cleaners

Benefits of trench drain for dry cleaners

Installing a drain trough for a dry cleaning business is beneficial for numerous reasons, which are similar to those for laundry facilities. This equipment helps move water effectively through the plumbing system without introducing debris to the pipes. Here are a few specific benefits of using a drain trough in a dry cleaning facility:

  • Speed: Using a drain trough can help speed up the washing process and collect lint or debris that may clog pipes.
  • Access: Accessing the drain trough and emptying the catch basin is an easy way to keep the area clean and dry.
  • Lint capture: Many fabrics leave lint or debris the drain can collect in a trough rather than build up in pipes.

Hair Salons and Spas

Drain troughs for hair salons can help keep hair out of drain systems and prevent clogged pipes. When used in spas, they can prevent harsh cleaning chemicals from remaining on fabric in washing machines or eroding floors. Drain troughs in both facilities are especially useful in preventing hair buildup and can catch the remaining debris and make cleaning easier.

Drain troughs for salon and spa laundry rooms make it easy for staff to unscrew and empty drains without worrying about clogs and debris building up inside the washing or drying machines. Some salons or spas may also benefit from a drain trough that catches lint and debris from fabrics or towels used by customers.

Health Clubs and Gyms

Health clubs and gyms may also contain laundry rooms to clean guests’ used towels, washcloths, clothes or other equipment. A reliable drain trough can provide long-lasting durability to these facilities and prevent possible flooding from clogged pipes. As health clubs see an influx of public guests and regular customers, it may be a good idea to install a drain trough and a durable drain system beneath each laundry room.

Hospitals, Retirement Communities and Skilled Nursing Facilities

Keeping hospital and retirement community laundry facilities clean and dry is crucial to prevent water and debris buildup and ensure a sterile environment. Consider using drain troughs for every laundry facility in the building to ensure you can quickly access washing machines that are clean and usable.

Flooding within a hospital due to clogged or backed-up pipes would put sick patients, visitors and staff at extreme risk. Installing reliable drain troughs throughout the facility can help prevent further sickness and keep guests happy.

Hotels and Motels

Motel and hotel drain troughs are especially useful because they trap lint and debris while keeping dirt out of the pipes and plumbing systems. Many hotels must follow specific drain system standards, and a drain trough is another addition that can ensure your guests are happy and your towels and bed sheets are clean.

Keep the building compliant by installing drain troughs in every area where washing and drying machines are located. Whether you need to wash a high number of bed sheets or you plan to wash towels , a drain trough can help catch harmful substances and stop them from clogging or entering the drain system.

Professional Sports Facilities

Professional sports teams use athletic facilities that need a drain trough system to collect dirt, hair and debris from clothes, towels and equipment. 

When looking for the ideal drain trough for your sports team area, consider a few standards:

  • Durability: The drain trough should be durable and withstand heavy traffic and activity if needed.
  • Placement: To ensure safety and prevent injuries and surface erosion, place drain troughs throughout stadiums, track facilities, recreational grounds and interior pool laundry facilities.
  • Drainage: Drains should be able to contain and trap debris from towels, washcloths or clothing.

Schools and Universities

Business owners may best utilize the benefits of drain troughs for school laundry rooms located throughout different buildings or in college dorm laundry rooms.

Installing a drain trough for school systems may work best with laundry facilities that use several machines at once. In this case, a drain trough can catch hair, dirt and debris from clothes, towels and other fabrics that students may need to wash. Catch basins ensure the pipes don’t experience a buildup of dirt or flooding due to clogged drainage systems.

As a result, the school won’t have to manage the plumbing system as often as before installing the trough.

Learn More About Drain Troughs for Your Industry

H-M Company can supply your business with high-quality polypropylene drain troughs that can reduce plumbing costs and minimize downtime. Our capabilities include custom manufacturing to ensure the appropriate size for your applications. We can provide a tailored drainage solution for companies across a broad spectrum of industries with fast, easy installation.

H-M Company was established in 1957 and is a family-owned business that designs and manufactures reliable lint interceptors and drain troughs to solve various drainage issues. We serve the coin, industrial and OPL laundry industries across the United States and internationally. Browse our various products to find the perfect drain trough for your business or contact us today to speak with our team.