Side Inlet Fitting Kits

No two commercial laundry facilities look the same. Getting inlet pipes to reach a drain trough will be a different process in each one. With a drain trough that allows for various inlet points, you can make sure it aligns well with your setup and provides connections that are as short as possible. Fitting kits are an essential part of that setup.



What Is a Side Inlet Fitting Kit?

A side inlet fitting kit is what allows your washer drainpipe to enter through the side or end of a drain trough. Another capability of a fitting kit is to create a holder for a standpipe that is placed in the lid of the trough.

We offer side inlet fitting kits to accompany our drain troughs and make installation as easy as possible. Our side inlet fitting kits are intuitive and only have a few parts involved:

  • A threaded male adapter, made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
  • An unthreaded female adapter, also made of PVC.
  • Two gaskets.

These materials are chemical-resistant and designed to last as long as your drain trough.

You will not need any glue, but you will need a way to cut a hole in the trough. A hole saw attachment on a power drill works great. Once you have got all the supplies, installation is straightforward.



Side Inlet Fitting Kit Installation Instructions

Side inlet drain trough installation is simple with a fitting kit. It should only take you a few minutes to set up your side inlet and start using your drain trough.

The following steps outline how to install your side inlet kit:

  1. First, mark the hole where you would like the pipe to enter the drain trough. Use the adapters as a template and trace around the outside to draw your circle at the right size.
  2. Then, use your hole saw attachment to cut the opening in the drain trough.
  3. Slide one of the gaskets onto the unthreaded female adapter, pushed up against the larger portion. Insert the unthreaded portion through the hole in the drain trough. Place the second gasket on the other side.
  4. Lastly, take the threaded adapter and screw it onto the protruding unthreaded portion of the first adapter.

The final result should have your two adapters forming a pipe into the side of the drain trough, with a gasket on either side. From there, you can glue your pipe coming from the washer into the side fitting.



Our Side Inlet Fitting Kits

With a side inlet fitting kit from H-M Company, you can quickly install our drain troughs in your commercial laundry facility without hassle. We make it easy to integrate these systems into your facility.

Reach out to us today if you have any questions about side inlet fitting kits or the installation process.

Side Inlet Install Instructions