Drain Troughs for OPL

Troughs are an essential requirement for OPL laundries. They serve an important function and are used in buildings with small drains and are required to prevent lint from clogging the plumbing system.


OPL Drainage Requirements

Drainage requirements vary depending on the machines you are using and the size of the drain that you have. We will manufacture a trough to accommodate your needs.

A drain trough is particularly appealing because it has a built-in lint screen to remove excess solids that could clog the drain. Without this, you may need lint interceptors elsewhere in the system.

Drain Trough Specifications

Our drain troughs are made with a durable yet lightweight 1/4″ polypropylene body and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) lint filter. The lid attaches with stainless steel screws and can support light pedestrian traffic, perfect for an OPL. These materials make our drain troughs chemically resistant, which is necessary if you use chemicals in your water. They can support a maximum water temperature of 165℉.

We build drain troughs for OPLs with custom dimensions up to 25 feet long without coupling. More common dimensions are 18 inches wide by 12 inches tall, with length varying by volume. Outlets can be placed on the sides, ends or corners. We can also install an additional lint filter for extra protection from solids clogging the drain.

OPL Drain Trough Installation

OPL Drain trough installation is relatively simple, especially since you can order it in the configuration that works best for your space. The lids can support light pedestrian traffic, and the troughs are compatible with many different arrangements. In both in-ground and above-ground trough drain installation, the drain requires a rubber flex coupling and a piece of PVC pipe or elbow to connect to the drainage pipe. You can view our installation drawings for more details or contact us for more information on installing a trough drain.

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On-premises laundry drain troughs are an important element in managing drainage for laundry industries. They can help you meet requirements for chemical resistance, waste water containment and lint interceptors without a difficult installation process. At H-M Company, we can custom build an OPL drain trough that fits the needs of your facility.

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