Lint Interceptors

H-M Company builds quality lint interceptors that can help you meet local code requirements, reduce downtime and save costs through fewer plumbing issues.

Many local municipalities require lint interceptors to prevent lint and other debris from entering the sanitary waste system.

What Are Commerical Lint Interceptors?

Lint Interceptors are primarily used in coin laundry facilities to remove excess lint and other solids. They function similarly to troughs with some design differences.

Benefits of Washing Machine Lint Interceptors

In addition to helping you meet requirements, lint interceptors offer several benefits, such as:

  • Reduced plumbing problems. One of the primary benefits of lint interceptors is that they can help keep solids out of the plumbing system, where they can clog sewer lines. This acts as a solid interceptor as well.
  • Easy cleaning. Lint interceptor maintenance is very simple. We make our lint screens easy to access so you can incorporate them into a regular drain maintenance schedule.
  • Capability to handle larger items. Buttons, pins, coins and other items can get into the plumbing supply. A lint interceptor can capture them, too.

Commercial Lint Interceptor Applications

Coin Laundries

Lint interceptors are primarily used in coin laundries to remove excess lint and other solids. They function like troughs with some design differences.

Outside Lint Interceptors

Lint interceptors can be large, so placing them outside is a great way to save space inside. Outside lint interceptors work just like indoor lint interceptors.

Inlets and Outlets

The inlet pipe is usually installed in the top or in the side near the top of the interceptor. The outlet pipe from the interceptor is usually placed on the side near the bottom. These locations are the same for in-ground and on-the-floor installations, both indoors and out.

Lint Interceptor Installation

Lint Interceptors can be installed inside or outside, either in-ground or on the finished floor. In-ground lint interceptor installation has different design considerations, such as rebar to keep the unit in place and 2×4’s inside the unit for structural bracing. View our installation instructions for more information.

Lint interceptors are straightforward to install, with interceptor inlets and outlets installed in the field using side fitting kits. Appropriate lint interceptor sizing depends on the number of machines, and we can help you properly size your unit. A lint interceptor should be able to handle all the washers draining simultaneously.

Lint Interceptor Maintenance

Routine cleaning is required. The frequency will depend upon usage and other factors. Maintaining your lint interceptor for your laundromat is necessary for the effective operation of the unit.

Maintaining your lint interceptor is one of the best ways to ensure effective operation and keep it lasting as long as possible.

Custom Lint Interceptors From H-M Company

At H-M Company, we specialize in fitting laundry equipment to your unique needs. Our lint interceptors are manufactured to fit your commercial laundry needs. Reach out to us today for more information on adding a lint interceptor to your facility. You can also call us at (513) 281-3832 or toll-free at (800) 365-1900.

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