Drain Trough Specifications

Drain Trough Specifications

Body Material
Lid Material
Lint Filter Material
Lint Filter Holes
Chemical Resistant
Maximum Water Temperature
Lid Attached to Body with

1/4″ Polypropylene
3/8″ Polypropylene
1/4″ PVC
3/8″ Diameter
Stainless Steel Screws

UPC Certified
UPC Certified

Polypropylene offers the durability and chemical resistance needed for commercial laundry applications.

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Drain Trough Features and Benefits

Our polypropylene drain troughs enable users to minimize their plumbing costs and reduce downtime, all while working with a system that’s easy to use and install.

An H-M Company drain trough can:

  • Allow you to install washers in buildings with small drains.
  • Filter lint to prevent drains from clogging.
  • Reduce odors and prevent water from splashing out. 
  • Help contain excess suds.
  • Support pedestrian traffic.
  • Be quickly installed. 

Laundry Drain Trough Sizes

Part of the appeal of our custom-built trough drains is that they can be manufactured in any size.

Typical dimensions are 18 inches wide by 12 inches high, the length will vary according to the volume demands of the application. Troughs can be manufactured up to 25 feet long without coupling together. However, custom dimensions of any size are available.

Drain Trough Outlets

The placement of the drainage trough outlet can vary and go anywhere in the trough including the bottom outlet.

Common trench drain system outlet sizes include:

  • 2-inch drains
  • 3-inch drains
  • 4-inch drains
  • 6-inch drains

Additional Drain Trough Lint Screen

To capture additional lint a secondary lint screen can be a particularly useful element to your drain trough and overall system.

Drain Troughs for Sump Pumps

Drain troughs for sump pumps work similarly to drain troughs for laundry and can help remove excess water without damaging the plumbing system. They offer a simple way to collect excess water and direct it into your drain to the sewer.

Contact H-M Company for Custom Drain Troughs

Our drain troughs can be made for use in any commercial laundry application. We can help with configurations for a reliable product that is easy to install and clean and can help reduce your downtime due to plumbing problems.

To learn more about a drain trough from H-M Company, reach out to us today at (513) 281-3832 or toll-free at (800) 365-1900. You can also submit our online form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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• Drain Troughs can be designed to accommodate sump pumps.
• Installation of dual lint filters.

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