Why Polypropylene is Superior to Stainless Steel for Drain Troughs and Lint Interceptors

Why Polypropylene is Superior to Stainless Steel for Drain Troughs and Lint Interceptors

Occasionally, we receive requests for drain troughs or lint interceptors to be manufactured from stainless steel rather than polypropylene. The belief is stainless steel must be superior to plastic. We won’t speak to other applications, but for manufacturing drain troughs and lint interceptors, polypropylene is the better solution. Here’s why:

  1. Polypropylene is stronger than stainless steel on a pound for pound basis. An important reason polypropylene has replaced steel in many products (examples include automotive parts, automobile batteries, window shutters) is its relative strength.
  2. Polypropylene is highly chemical resistant. It will not rust and is less effected by detergent or other chemicals that can cause corrosion in stainless steel. This provides many years of reliable performance in challenging laundry settings.
  3. Polypropylene is easier to work with in manufacturing, especially for custom made products such as drain troughs or lint interceptors. Lower costs and the ability to provide customers with products designed for their unique specifications make polypropylene the superior material.
  4. Polypropylene has a smaller carbon footprint than stainless steel. The carbon generated by producing one ton of polypropylene is less than a ton of stainless steel. Because of its strength, less polypropylene (in terms of weight) is used to manufacture a drain trough or lint interceptor than a similar stainless steel product. Again, due to its relatively light weight, transporting polypropylene generates less carbon than stainless steel.

H-M Company has utilized polypropylene for drain troughs and lint interceptors for 30 years to play a role in our drainage systems. Our products are in thousands of laundry facilities. The many repeat customers speak to the durability and reliability of the polypropylene material utilized in H-M Company products. 

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